Life, dreams, and survival


A dreamer by heart, manager by profession and a movie enthusiast by soul. Apart from films, I love desserts, traveling, trekking, adventure sports, Disney, and volunteering. I feel movies are in my genes. I enjoy vegetarian food and Italian and Indian are my favorite cuisines.

#Baahubali movie changed me as a person and I got smitten by #Prabhas. Friends and colleagues call me crazy and get annoyed with my repeated tweets about #Prabhas. I can’t help but to adore the sweetest actor. Next thing on my bucket list – Meeting #Prabhas :)…Wishes do come true…I am determined to make it happen some day.

My blogs are about my experiences, memories, and moments of life. I live my life as if it is the last day and hope to make the best use of my time doing things I love.

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