My tryst with travel started few years back. Though I always enjoyed trips with family, coming from the middle class background, we never really had vacation traveling places. The only trip during childhood I can recall are to Delhi and Tamil Nadu pilgrimage trip.

So when I started my job, it gave me the financial freedom to venture into short trips and seeing new places. Whenever I would get an opportunity, I would make use of it to see new places, meet new people, learn new culture and most importantly live life having fun and adventure.

I am thankful to my job that has given me a lot of opportunities to travel.

Today I would like to recollect some trips that took me on a roller coaster ride emotionally and physically. It all started in the mid of 2014…I was on a roll traveling from one city to another every month on both personal and professional reasons within and outside India.

End of 2014, I got to go on my most awaited trip to California. I saw the magnificent Grand Canyon and walked around the most famous “The Strip” in Las Vegas during this trip which was pending for few years. Both places are a total contrast in terms of what it had to offer. While standing on the top of Grand Canyon I could feel the peace, I found the meaning of freedom walking the strip past midnight by myself.

Before I began my official work, I took the weekend to visit Grand Canyon. With its stunning beauty, it had so much to offer that one day was not enough to do it all. I have plans to go back there to be able to trek and raft in the Colorado river.

And the last week before I had to travel back home, I visited Las Vegas. My requests to my colleagues during my previous trips would get shunted saying they don’t want to take a girl along to Vegas. This time I had decided to venture out by myself without having to ask for any company. And boy, what a trip it was. I had done my homework and knew exactly what I wanted to do…I had one of the best times ever on the strip.

In 2015, while the year began on a low key, I had decided not to let it rule the rest of 364 days. Starting with no or less expectations is a key learning for me in 2015. The year turned out to be better than I had imagined. While first half of the last year surprised me with unexpected travel packed with lot of action second half of the year was crazy and dreamy.

I traveled up North Karnataka with my close friend visiting her in laws place. Apart from yummy food, and great hospitality, we got to see a little bit of local touristy places. Gol Gumbaz and several other Mughal architecture at Bijapur, darshan of famous Goddess Durga at Banashankari temple, the architectural monuments at Badami Aihole and Pattadkal monuments that stand as an example to the fine art from the history.

During March and April, I visited Houston, Texas on official work. An unexpected travel that I hadn’t planned, yet it turned out to be a great one with lots of memories, few new friends, some new places and experiences. Every weekend was packed with fun, adventure, first time experiences and lot of fun. I saw the NASA, stayed at a ranch, and finally before I bid adieu to the city, I got one step closer to my dream activity – sky diving. I did an indoor sky diving session the last weekend. Again one of the best trips ever…

While in Houston on my last week, I got a sweet surprise. I got chosen in the top 10 finalists among 600+ applicants for the first employee ambassador program for Matter to a Million. How odd are the chances of me getting selected as an Employee Ambassador?

Well pretty odd right, so I wasn’t really thinking about it. However one early morning a mail told me I was wrong. I was one of the two employees chosen ( to travel to Costa Rica in May to interact with Kiva borrowers and bring their stories back to our employees encouraging participation in the program.

I had another best trip I could imagine…The correspondent work gave satisfaction of bringing stories from the borrowers back to our employees that could motivate and increase in employee participation. The extension of that trip was dedicated for some personal adventure. Costa Rica has a lot to offer, right from beaches, forests, rivers, hot sprints to volcanoes. I took 10 days off and traveled to some of the beautiful places.

In July, I happened to go to another place from my bucket list – Dudhsagar waterfalls near Goa. Yeah, this is the same waterfall you have seen in SRK and Deepika’s “The Chennai Express” movie. We went right during the monsoon, and it was raining all through. About 25 friends did the trek and stayed a night near the waterfall in tents. All of us were soaking wet for 2 days non-stop. The adventurous journey on a goods train at the wee hours was most memorable. On our way back to Bangalore, we stopped at Goa to party a little which went on the whole night at the disc and then back at the hotel room.

And from July, it was a different kind of journey. Ever since I saw Baahubali movie, my whole world had changed. I discovered a new passion, found a new love in #Prabhas and thus began my crazy fangirl madness. I took to Twitter which was inactive since 2009, to express my fangirl moments and made some new friends.


I have many more destinations in my travel bucket list and I hope to complete them all one by one…Travel to me acts as a medicine, brings solace, helps me grow as a person, gives me happiness, believe in dreams and adds that fun we always look for in life.

Travel to get to know yourself. I find it therapeutic, relaxing as well as empowering. It allows you to take responsibilities, manage your life better, smile and dream always.

Travel to live your life better. Experience the joy of meeting new people, creating new memories and living life to its fullest.