Before you make any comments, please note that I am in no way related to the movie Baahubali or its cast and crew. I am just an admirer.

Happy Anniversary! It is our sixth month anniversary. I don’t expect you (Baahubali) to remember me among millions of admirers across the globe. It was on this day 6 months ago we met in a theatre filled with hundreds. My eyes was only on you, unaware of my surrounding and lost in you. While I had glimpses of you before July 10th 2015, I was completely blown away after having met you. You changed my life that I hadn’t expected. I am still a staunch admirer and want to relook at my journey since our meeting.


It is exactly 6 months, since I saw the epic, blockbuster, larger than life movie #Baahubali. I went with little or no expectations and had no clue I would return as a fan forever. How do I even begin to explain the brilliance of the movie that I hadn’t come across in Indian Cinema till date?

Baahubali had the power to transport us to an alternate world of Maahishmathi and taught us to dream big and bold. SS Rajamouli sir’s vision of Maahishmathi kingdom and the saga of a King was so perfect that it removed all barriers and made not just Indian audience but fans worldwide. SSR’s magnum opus Baahubali – The Beginning was his finest till date according to me. And I bet he is striving hard to make it larger than part 1 in Baahubali – The Conclusion.

Every movie needs supporting cast that add on to the lead protagonist and antagonist’s roles. However in Baahubali, I didn’t think anyone as mere supporting, they were equally important that made the story work the way it did. While the story of a prince taking back his throne, and fighting the bad wasn’t new, the way it was narrated was new and extravagant. The visual representation of the story, the emotions that clicked with the audience, the stupendous frames and never before seen war episodes all contributed in making it a huge success.

If I was mesmerized with the introduction of Shivudu #Prabhas behind that massive waterfalls, I surely was equally captivated with the introduction of every other character.

RanaIf Shivudu was an adventure seeker, fun loving, and determined to pursue his dream, Bhallaladeva #RanaDaggubati was courageous, willing to achieve everything he wanted, hardhearted, proud and powerful. If Shivudu could scale heights of mountains in search of the dream girl, Bhallaladeva was fierce to lock horns with a bison to show he is the strongest and no one can defeat him. Amarendra Baahubali’s introduction shows his strength, power, intelligence, respect, love for his people, country and valor to be the true King of Maahishmathi.

kattappaKattappa #Sathyaraj as a dutiful, and loyal slave warrior shows his loyalty towards the throne in his introduction, irrespective of his agreement to the ideals of the King or not. His character is mysterious as he plays an important part in the story. While all through he is shown having a great rapport with the King Amarendra Baahubali, the question that left us all in the midair was “Why did he kill Amarendra Baahubli?” Many of us are still wondering and making our own theories to find an answer this question. The truth will be revealed with the part 2 and the wait is too long.

Bijjaladeva and Bhadra as the father and son of Bhallaladeva have their own critical roles in the story as well. Very few movies go to the extent of inventing a new language. For Baahubali movie, Madhan Karky created a new language Kiliki for the Kaalakeya clan.

tamanna-baahubali-first-look-poster-1650.jpgNot every movie pays any importance to its leading lady or female characters. But Baahubali has three strong female leads with equal importance. Avanthika #TamannaahBhatia plays the beautiful, yet rebellious warrior who has only one goal, to fight and save the Queen Devasena. Her beauty is portrayed in the songs Dheevara and Paccha bottesi and her introduction fight with soldiers proves she is tough too.

Devasena #AnushkaShetty as the mother of Shivudu has donned a character that travels two generations. In spite of her current state where she is chained and imprisoned by Bhallaladeva, she continues to stay strong and confident that her son Mahendra Baahubali will come for her rescue. Sivagami Devi #RamyaKrishnan as the Rajamatha is at her best. Every scene she reinforces why she was the right choice to play that character. Sivagami’s responsibility towards the throne, country and its citizens proves her the righteous queen. Her motherly emotions, impartial nature and supporting the good and the best in the interest of the country is admirable. Sangha #Rohini as the adopted mother of Shivudu is a nurturing mother who wants to only protect her son.


The director marvels at the story telling with extravagant visual effects through the movie. The music by MM Keeravani played an integral part of the story telling. The background score gave goosebumps every time I saw the movie. Production design, photography, action, VFX, and editing was all perfect. Hats off to the entire star cast and crew of Baahubali for making this magnum opus epic movie that will be remembered for generations.

My first task after Baahubali was to see all movies of Prabhas and SS Rajamouli sir. I have researched on the cast, crew, the making that took me on a journey to Athirapally in search of Shivudu. Apart from all the lead actors and the director, one person that I admired the most in the movie after seeing all the behind the scenes is Srivalli madam. She is the line producer managing the entire unit. Hearing everyone’s appreciation for her made me so happy. I hope I get to meet her one day to tell her how much she inspires me.

If Baahubali movie is creating records, I am not left behind. I have created my own records in movie watching. Baahubali is the first movie that I have watched 22 times (till date) including 6 times in the theatre. I have seen all 4 languages and loved it the most in Telugu version. Although i have liked movies and actors in the past, this is my first time being so crazy and madly in love with a movie and an actor (Prabhas).

How can I talk about Baahubali movie without talking about my fandom for its lead actor #Prabhas. The movie introduced me to the Indian Superhero #Prabhas. My so called craze for Prabhas started with Baahubali and has only been growing strong with every passing day despite the mock, criticisms and jokes made by friends and family. I have gone deaf to people’s mockery of my love and admiration for an actor that I don’t know if I would ever get to meet him in person.

I had been in my own dreamy world since #Baahubali. But my fantasy world changed post Baahubali. I sincerely thank @ssrajamouli sir for re-introducing #Prabhas in an appropriate way to the global audience. He brought Prabhas to the forefront of the Indian Cinema that started creating a wave of fans from across the globe irrespective of age, caste, color, religion, language and nationality.

Ever since the movie I have been reeling in the charm and magic world of movies and Prabhas. I took to blogs, and twitter to express my love for the actor and in spite of the flak from the friends I am determined to continue to express my admiration. I have found fellow fans of the movie and the actor, made new contacts that work in the industry. Some day i hope someone to help me meet my dream team of Baahubali especially Prabhas.

Undeterred as Shivudu who scaled the mountains for Avanthika, I will wait and keep looking for an opportunity to meet Prabhas. One day, I will meet you Prabhas Darling, as I am equally determined as Shivudu.

Movies are for entertainment. But for me, Baahubali became a source of happiness, helped me identify my passion, discover the fandom, reassured that no dream is small and helped me gain new friends.

Here’s wising the team of Baahubali movie a very 6th month Happy Anniversary! See you soon!

I will wait for you to come back with a bigger blockbuster movie – Baahubali The Conclusion.