As another year ends, I look back and realize that similar to previous years, this one too went by quickly. Or is that how we all feel at the end of the year? Not sure. However, I found this year the most interesting for me as I had lot of things happening in life, both personal and professional, some good and some not so good.

Did I plan the year or did it just happen and I merely followed the suit? When I started introspecting the year, I realized that it began on a bad note. Yet somehow it changed its course and became interesting as the days went by. I didn’t plan the year yet it gave me surprises, invoked the craziness in me that I never knew existed, offered me experiences that I could only dream and lastly enabled me to identify a spark towards my passion. At the end, the year taught me that even if I had planned, it wouldn’t have gone the way it did.

Let go to be happy
Let go to be happy

Life for many starts with lot of planning…but over the years, it changes. I believe our entire life from childhood is planned to a great extent. Our parents start instilling the importance of planning right from the early years. Starting with which school to get us admitted, to what we should study and what should be our career, how should our future be, whom to marry and so on and so forth. And the legacy of planning continues from one generation to another seamlessly. But how many of us agree with their planning? How many of us believe in their dreams for us? How easy is it to follow their expectations of us? Many questions have favorable and unfavorable answers that are unique to each individual.

For me planning brought along more disappointments and frustrations. So I decided to not plan but just live life one day at a time. While I continue to maintain a bucket list of things to do, I don’t get to the nitty-gritty of planning each and every detail.

This year, I got to travel a bit covering some great locales this year, met new people, made new friends, partake in a lot adventurous activities that gave me an adrenaline rush, became a big time fangirl of #Prabhas and most importantly I lived the life I didn’t plan this year.

Stop planning and start living
Stop planning and start living

Apart from the usual festivals, celebrations, birthdays and family time, some events gave me immense joy. The experiences this past year was astonishing. To name a few, I got a taste of Texan ranch life, tried my hands at shooting, begin learning a new language (not sure how successful I got, but I need marks for efforts), and saw two of the most famous waterfalls in the South India.

If there is one thing that I have understood, it is to not plan ground level details. Just go with the flow and live life that very moment. When it comes to professional duties, we still need to do planning and work in accordance to the organization expectations. But when it comes to our personal life and interests, you don’t have any rules to follow. You can make your own rules. It is difficult to unlearn and stop planning, but not impossible. Not planning every detail of our lives brings fewer heartaches, disappointments and doubles the joy and smiles. Living by the day will allow you to try new things, meet new people and visit someplace you never expected to go.

I look forward for yet another interesting year that might add dollops of surprises, a hint of hope and loads of satisfaction. I hope to embrace the change, disappointments and go forward with what life has to offer. My mantra to happiness is to find joy in simple pleasures of life as I believe that I am in-charge of my happiness and no one else.

Some of the best things in life are a little messy, complicated and uncertain. But they’re worth taking the leap for.

I am ready to say good bye to 2015 and ready to say hello to 2016! Are you???