I do not recollect my first movie as a child, neither do I have a count on the movies I have seen till date.

Growing up in namma Bengaluru, like any other typical middle class family, even my family followed a tradition. This tradition was like a sacred ritual that we followed. My dad, a die-hard movie fan would ensure the family would have the entertainment at least once a month. Back those years, going for a movie or eating out was a monthly affair as it was expensive. I would eagerly wait for the first week of the month when my dad would take us for the movie.

I very well remember the days when it used to be movie mania. On such days for me it would be like winning a bumper prize. We would watch back to back movies in Majestic single screen theatres. Everyone in my family is a movie buff…we have our own penchant for the movies we adore and watch.

No story is complete without talking about how college and movies intertwined my life. Bunking the classes in the morning and going for movies with friends was my favorite. I used to save from my lunch money to be able to watch movies. Many times I would ask for Rs. 20 extra from my dad for movies. He would give me the money by telling not to tell my mom about going for the movie. I love you Pappa for making us love the movies the way you did.

After the college, life gets serious and takes us through the roller-coaster ride of career, responsibilities, marriage, kids and family. However for me, in spite of all the distractions, my love for movies never decreased. From once a month, the ritual changed to few times a month.

When I traveled to US and had to stay there for months, I didn’t have any colleagues or friends. I started my journey of going by myself to movies. Weekends used to be dedicated for movies and I would watch back to back 2-3 movies a day. When I returned back to Bengaluru, I found that even with the family and friends around, many times it was not easy to coordinate to go for movies. From my past experience in US, I started going by myself to movies here as well. First couple of movies, I used to feel odd when people sitting next to me would stare at me as if I was committing a crime by being alone in a movie theatre. I wouldn’t bother as I would get so engrossed in my movie that I never paid attention to the stares.

All along I knew I was an ardent movie fan, but didn’t realize that it was my passion too. In the recent past, my passion for movies and the magic behind it grew stronger and stronger. Instead of regretting for not realizing my passion long back, I felt happy that at least now I recognized it. Movies give me the high that is beyond any words. I get involved with the story and the actors so much that there have been very few times that I have not felt the emotions being depicted on screen. I have cried and laughed with the actors as if it were happening to me. I remember my family and friends making fun of my tears.

All the hard work, the creativity, the passion, dedication and workmanship that goes into making a movie is beyond my imagination. Kudos to all the members of this industry who strive hard, struggle and go through so many hurdles to bring so many movies into life for us.

I hope and dream that one day I get to play a role and be part of this incredible industry. I will not stop dreaming…