One funny incident at work invoked so many memories and thoughts that has always kept me thinking.

This subject is the most talked, written and discussed topic ever across the globe. Eight out of ten people I meet end up talking about the weight issues, diet or something/anything related to it once in the whole conversation.

Obesity has been one of the most haunted discussions right from my childhood. I always wondered why can’t the people who adore a chubby looking kid can accept my obesity. I do not know if boys also go through similar trauma growing up due to their weight or if it is just girls. I am sure even if boys do have to listen to, it will not be as bad as it is for us, girls! And i believe all those friends of mine who are labeled as chubby once can relate to this easily.

love yourself

If you fall under the obese category, the nuisance you will have to face is beyond your imagination. Right from your family to the next door auntie, everyone will become your diet counselors, health instructors and family doctors. I get amused when the ones giving me advises don’t have the fitness they are hoping for me to achieve. If one can accomplish all that a normal “Fit” or “Healthy” person can do, then why do you worry about their weight?

I used to get worked up hearing to people criticize about my weight or feel bad when they make fun of my looks. I used to get angry, frustrated and then depressed listening to everyone say the same things. Why is the world obsessed about the physical appearance and not bothered about an individual’s personality. But even when I tried to lose weight, I realized I didn’t meet the society’s expectation. They would still find some fault in the way I looked. After being depressed, facing low self-esteem, constant ridicules, one day I decided that I don’t have to please anyone. I no longer care for any remarks about my looks. I have become deaf to such criticisms and laugh it off when I hear it. Everyone is beautiful in a unique way. I love the way I am.

love yourself

If god wanted us to all look same, he would have made us all same. So live life your way without having to worry about the looks and ignore you so called counselors.

People who love you for who you are, will never care for your looks. And those who care for your looks, will not be with you for long. So stop getting worked up, don’t google about ‘how to lose weight in 10 days’ or ‘healthy diets to become slim’ or any such gimmicks. There is no fast track to becoming like a fashion model.

If all those weight loss centers that claim to help you reduce oodles of weight in less than 3 months were true, then everyone would look picture perfect.

So stop worrying and start living! All that matters is what you think of yourself and not what others think. You are beautiful inside out and no one can take that away from you. Love yourself and be happy!

love yourself