Growing up, all I and probably kids my age knew nothing about the specialty days being celebrated worldwide. Slowly we caught up with the so called traditions of the celebrations and special days dedicated to many things. Some days were hyped by the media, and marketing to promote sales. A red rose that used to be as less as Rs.8 would be Rs.20 on a valentine’s day.

On a boring day, as a time pass, I browsed to see if there are any more special days celebrated across the globe. I was astonished to see that every day had some or the other special mention and was categorized as a funny or weird celebration day. Right from underwear day, hypnotism day to hand cuff day there is everything you can think of that has made it to the list of special days.

On the funny side, it’s nice to know they have put so much thought into marking a day for everything from silly, crazy to weird.  The key events that has got more recognition and following are valentine’s day, friendship day, mother’s day, and father’s day. 

For the GenY there might be many more days to celebrate. I can’t even imagine what other crazy days will emerge on the calendar.

Why do we need a day to celebrate love or friendship or tell our parents thank you for everything they do? Or have these come in to existence because we have been caught up with our busy lives that we have no time to remember or talk to the people in our lives? Do these days remind us and show us to reconnect, thank and appreciate the relationships or is it just the marketing tactics of selling the products using emotions?

I am wondering myself too as I am caught up in the same vortex as millions across the globe.

Days of the Year – A day for everything makes the list.