Blogging has become so common that anyone and everyone has their own blog.

So I thought, why didn’t i have one already? I do lot of writing for my work, I should have been one of the early adopters of the blogging world.

So here I am finally. But what do I write about really? When I think of it, I do not know if anyone would be interested in reading what my life is all about. How can I make this blog interesting yet funny and still conveying the meaning I want to right way?

Our passion leads our lives and shows the path ahead. Growing up I never understood what I was passionate about or what I wanted to do that made me happy. Same is the case with many others who don’t realize what they want to do but end up doing what others tell them.

Mostly many of us realize our passion but are so caught up in the world and everything else that we ignore it or convince ourselves that there is always a tomorrow for that. Our life, responsibilities, family, career, and everything else takes a priority over our passion and interest.

There are very few who follow their heart and not worry about what others think or say.

While out with friends, we were discussing on the same. Why don’t we follow our dreams? Are we scared or we don’t understand what we really want until it is too late?

Its time to take some alone time to chill, think about your interests, things that brings happiness and makes you feel worthy. Follow your passion, and what your heart tells you and I am sure that you won’t be one of those billions who regret that they didn’t follow their dreams.

Dreams can be big or small, but only you can make it happen.

Chao! Good Night and dream good!